Are you looking for effective techniques, tools and approaches to be at peace, feel safe and confident; and become impenetrable and invincible to all the chaos and insanity that is part of the current Elite control system on earth? What if your are here to hold hope, faith and love so you can dance with joy and gratitude as we witness the birth of a NEW EARTH?


* embrace self healing, self love and embodied intimacy
* align with Natural Laws so that you can be in the flow of creation

* open to the possibility of Community Living and Permaculture
* honor life with courage, clarity and wisdom
* open your heart, embody your soul and lead the way for others 
* step beyond the 3D Controller Matrix onto an Ascending Timeline
* delve deeper into your limitations, unconciousness and resolved issues and create and maintain positive mental and emotional well-being
*discover the infinite potentials within the Quantum Field - the fabric of our creation - and be able to actually create infinite possibilities and new realities
*disentangle from all nefarious energies that are trying to control and repress you and instead receive continuous healing on all levels of your being 
* play a NEW GAME on Earth that will create a high vibrational reality
* work directly with powerful healers and creators and shift all the old, dead light energies you have been carrying for such a long time


It's a better idea to give yourself the time and space to RECEIVE OUR WISDOM AND OFFERINGS slowly and gracefully so you can literally EMOBODY IT as you step forward to discover your Resilient Self and SURRENDER TO THE ADVENTURE THAT IS YOUR EVOLUTION! 


Do you want to:

  • miss out on life changing opportunities that involve working directly with some of our amazing healers
  • stay stuck in your ruts of disempowerment and confusion and continue going through the motions of life
  • stay locked in the fear, uncertainty and pain of the limited ego never evolving into heart center ed living
  • forget all the radical wisdom offered by our speakers and only be able to experience their meditations, clearings or energy activations once instead of multiple times
  • continue to be bothered by dark force energies, entity attachments and mind control you are not even aware of that is locking you down in the AI Controller 3D matrix

What if the information shared in the EMBODIED RESILIENCY VIP PASS could:

  • open you up to receiving the spiritual gifts and purpose you came to earth to share
  • offer you necessary healing, clearing, advice and activation that could really could change your life and assist you in your evolution and ascension journey?
  • inspire you to get out of ego mind and help you let go of your insecurities, shadow body, and deep wounds you haven’t been able to access and release?
  • help you discover your inner spiritual being and still point so you could feel confident and move through any challenges fearlessly
  • inspire and guide you to create a completely different life where you live in conscious community, grow healthy food and thrive with a new tribe of awakening humans as you lead the way to a New Earth.
  • bring you into higher vibrations and dimensions and where you learn how to Sense Make and literally create new possibilities that create new realities and show you the beauty of Infinite Source Intelligence
Embodied Resiliency Summit speaker screen

With the purchase the of EMBODIED RESILIENCY VIP ALL ACCESS PASS you get...

VIP All-Access Pass to all 24 presentations the day that the summit launches - NO WAITING FOR YOU!

  • Lifetime access to all 24 video presentations and audio recordings ($300value)
  • over 20 clearings, meditations and activations ($650+)
  • 2 live Group Facilitation Sessions with The Queen of Quantum - ($1200 value) and at least 3 other Experts in the summit
  • Plus MORE Bonus content from our speakers including ebooks, challenges, free memberships
  • 10 More Amazing Speaker Speaker Interviews from BEST OF EVOLUTIONARY HEALER SUMMIT
  • 20 Enlightening Audio Interviews from Elegance of Conscious Living Summit

Total Value is 2500+$


Premium Bonuses Include

For summit pic

Evolutionary Healing and Ascension Alignment Sessions

  • Experience 1 of 6, ONE ON ONE 2 hour Evolutionary Healing and Quantum Clearing Sessions with Ariadne. (These will be drawn at the end of the summit). She will clear whatever you desire by removing energetic weakness on mental, emotional, psychological, psychic and spiritual levels. Ariadne will also offer verbal facilitation, quantum energy shifting and multi-dimensional alignment.
  • These will be at a 60% discount. ONLY 150$ 

Value $500

Mini VIP Day Group Clearing

This 2 hour group experience works with the participant's requests to optimize and synergize their energies and intentions and produce extraordinary combined transformative results that are greater than what would occur in a one on one session.

Value $444


Energetic Release Power Session
Max Riggs

Energetic Release Power Session with Max. Quickly remove energies and the energetic resistance that’s been preventing your positive change or growth.

As you learned in my interview, external energetic resistance is the main (and often hidden) component resisting or even preventing the positive change you are seeking.  In your short but powerful energetic session, experience this release for yourself.

Value $249

Sarah Chave (2)

Accunect Healing Session
Sarah Chaves

 Accunect™* is a simple but powerful non invasive technique that supercharges your bodies ability to heal as nature intended. It is a new, revolutionary form of healthcare that works on the holistic view that your mind, body and spirit are connected and impact on the healthy functioning of one another. It has fast, profound and long lasting effects on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health by using your own unique Health Map™ .

Value $300

brenda Lainoff

Divine Soul Light Transmissions
Brenda Lainof

Receive and experience over 22 powerful energetic transformations that will shift many aspects of your body into health and resilience, heal relationship concerns, and create emotional support.

Value $1800

Joann and I (3)

Explorations in Jupiter and Taurus
Joann Stewart and Ariadne Avalon

This elevating experience will include a 2 hour live zoom call where Joann shares her Astrological Wisdom and Ariadne opens up the Quantum Field and offers powerful energetic transformations and embodiments. Together they hold a protected space that opens up a Cosmic connection to Guardian Consciousness.

Value $750


27 Day - Tibetan Rites Course Challenge
Juli Kramer

  • An inspiring history of the Five Tibetan Rites and how they work to make you feel younger and stronger
  • Clear precautions and guidelines to stay safe doing the rites
  • Step-by-step lessons for each of the Five Rites
  • A safe 27-day progression to increase the number of repetitions

Value 350$


The value of the EMBODIED RESILIENCY ALL ACCESS PASS is of cosmic proportions exceeding 2200$+ worth of transformational experiences that will definitely evolve your being beyond what you thought possible.


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The Law of Structure for this Creation

This content is presented with the intention of Unity, Freedom, Compassion and the Sovereign Right for All beings. Purity of heart and listening to your inner Higher Self Soul Intelligence and Infinite God Spirit is All there Is.

This unity service mission is founded on inclusivity and cosmic Christ Consciousness expansion. It inspires each seeker to: look inward and release themselves from the unconsciousness of The Matrix and the misinformation of New Age Movement and False Ascension Timelines so they can embody their heart based self-empowered higher and eventual 12 d Avatar self, discover their divine purpose and contribute to and hold the space for the Ascending Earth and the evolution and awakening of humanity.



None of the participants in the Embodied Resiliency Summit are medical doctors. Nor do they diagnose any illness or prescribe medication of any kind. All modalities and treatments referred to by any of the Embodied Resiliency participants and the Site (as well as in videos, audios, interviews) such as energy healing, raising vibration, DNA activations, subconscious reprogramming, imprinting, and all other recommendations, techniques and materials are not to be construed as medical or psychological advice. Please do not use any information, treatments, services or products provided on the site (as well as in videos and audios) as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have or suspect that you have a health or therapeutic issue, please consult a licensed doctor, therapist or counselor.