When You Join the Embodied Resiliency Live Workshop You Will:

  • Experience first hand breakthroughs as you open to the intelligence of your body-mind-soul and feel connected and grounded in the full potential of your being.

  • Discover enhanced emotional intelligence as you dive into places in your body where you buried unfelt feeling and allow your body to speak it’s stories so you can heal and discover more of who you truly be.

  • Realize the profound potential of conscious embodiment and how this builds fluidity, ease of being and expanded awareness.

  • Release fear and holding patterns that keep you contracted and immobilized.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Regulate your nervous system and be able to create calm and confidence through any emotional agitations, traumas and stressful experiences.

  • Easily re-pattern your lifestyle for true healing and embodiment and recover what you shut down during the Covyd Agenda.

  • Recognize and clear: entities, fractures, false identities and shadow forms so you can be sovereign in your body and live your full potential.

  • Heal unresolved triggers, choices and issues so you are empowered and aligned with heart and soul.

  • Gently release trapped emotions in the body and clear mental and emotional blockages.

  • Create a loving relationship with self and banish negative self talk.

Here is What You Will Receive:

  • 6 Ninety minute live calls.
  • Powerful energetic clearings.
  • Personalized meditations.
  • Simple techniques that create embodied action and positive perceptions so that you can enter and experience fully life situations.
  • Resiliency and strength building protocols for life's challenges.
  • Journal Prompts for written exploration!
  • Much more!


Can't Forget About the Bonuses!

  • Free weekly email support - this means you can message me with our challenges and I can offer advice and quantum shift activation and align you with a higher feeling state.
    VALUE $500

  • Recordings of all calls and meditations.
    VALUE $1200

  • Quantum Embodiment for Prosperity Clearing.
    VALUE $80

  • Your Private 20 minute Quantum Transformation Session
    VALUE $100

  • Weekly Journal Prompts for Writing Explorations!
    VALUE $60



 I am so happy that I had an opportunity to experience a free quantum transformation session with you today.  It was my first one and it was very powerful!  Your compassion and ability to hold a space of love was exactly what I needed.   The clearings and transmissions changed my body from the heavy sensations I was feeling as we discussed my issues to an undeniable lightness and the feeling that I had released some of that emotional trauma that was stuck and blocking my joy!  All in such a limited amount of time! I plan to contact you again very soon for another longer session. But I wanted to thank you again and let you know how much of a difference this made for me.
~ God Bless You, Pat Armstrong~

"Ariadne is an extraordinary healer. She found inner blocks, resistance and past traumas that were buried deep inside my being and I was unaware of. Her generosity, intuition, gentleness, empathy and understanding of life and energy are all exquisite. She also had brilliant suggestions for my career, incredible downloads that resonated in an extraordinarily powerful way and inspired me immensely. What a blessing!
I recommend her without reservations."
~Natalia, London~

Thank you so much for the amazing session!|
You are a gift and a blessing Emoji
I had been lost, listless, not knowing how to proceed or what I should be doing/focusing on. Because of  my session with you, I now feel like I have a whole new lease on life and my world has color again!  The guidance and insight you provided really resonated with me and brought together the pieces of my puzzle so that I could see enough of it to move forward and take the appropriate actions. I feel so much more confident, hopeful and am so excited about the future. Emoji  I look forward to our next session Emoji
Thank you again!!!
~Diana Navaro~

your life can be joy!

               Life Can Be Joy! When You Embody All That You Be!

This Incredible Workshop Is Inspired by the Embodied Resiliency Summit Attendees and Will Not Be Offered Again. It is now open for any and all individuals who wish to attend. This transformational journey begins Sept. 6: 3pm and runs consecutive Wednesday's till Oct.4

Embodied Resiliency Live Workshop $997
Free Weekly Email Support $500
Recordings of all calls and meditations $1,200
Quantum Embodiment for Prosperity Clearing $80
Private 20 minute Quantum Transformation Session $100
Weekly Journal Prompts to deepen embodiment exploration $60
Total $2,937
Regular Price $997
Special VIP pricing - One time only! $197


SIGN UP NOW! AND RECEIVE FREE WEEKLY 30 MINUTE GROUP QUANTUM TRANSFORMATION CALLS every Monday morning at 9:30 am Pacific (till the workshop starts) so you can start your week on the right foot! Can't make the time frame live? You can message me and I will bring your request to the call. Recordings will be available for additional clearing!

P.S. If you need a payment plan option
Please email me at [email protected]


What I appreciate most is the courage to fearlessly tackle situations that other coaches and healers might shy away from. She is willing to follow her awareness and clear the energies that will create change for her clients. Karen Hanna, Manitoba, Canada

Ariadne offered to help me with her energy healing. I was amazed after the session how much better, lighter, my attitude and physical body felt. I was a bit skeptical at first, but her kind words were right on, speaking to hurts in my body. This session was surprisingly effective, what an amazing experience! Linda Lu, Nebraska, USA

Ariadne is a phenomenal healer, mentor, and guide for me. I am forever grateful for her and the gifts she shares with love and compassion to help others. Of all the other healers I have worked with, Ariadne is the only one who genuinely related to what I was dealing with from her own first hand experience. She covered every nook and crevice to uproot any and all energies, programs, shadows that were inhibiting the flow of my evolution and full awakening. My sessions with Ariadne were extraordinarily powerful. At times she had to resort to tough love to rattle me out of my dream spell. She provided me with tools and guidance to continue the work on my own. And to this day, Ariadne continues to encourage, guide, and inspire me whenever I reach out to her. In addition to her divine gifts and virtues , Ariadne's authenticity, power, and fearlessness make her an incredible 'Warrior Healer'! Susan Neilsen, WASH, USA 

Simply Amazing! I just had 20 min mini session with Ariadne and received an extremely powerful clearing. The state of my whole body has shifted in a matter of a few minutes.
I still continue to feel the healing effect of her work on me. Deeply grateful🙏🏻❤️ Ola Lappina, Toronto, Canada 

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