Free Gifts


Experience the Spiritual Support of the Guardian Races

Offered by Ariadne Avalon

This gift includes a 144 page Ebook with audio clearing links. Be prepared for deep transformation and activation.


Secret Guide to Unlocking Your Potential


Being your Magnificent Self


1) Renewing The Truth In Your Magnificence
This half hour mediation is like a bathing in fresh air,
refreshing your heart and spirit.

2) Clearing and Cleansing
This fifteen minute gift from Spirit  clears and
cleanses the body of all that does not serve
the highest you.

3) I Am True To The Highest Of Myself
This 5 minute meditation is extremely powerful
before a meeting, important phone call or event.

Offered by Brenda St. Louis
9 Money Archetype Cards:
You will Explore the 9 different money archetypes and how we function with money in the world.


The Law of Structure for this Creation

This content is presented with the intention of Unity, Freedom, Compassion and the Sovereign Right for All beings. Purity of heart and listening to your inner Higher Self Soul Intelligence and Infinite God Spirit is All there Is.

This unity service mission is founded on inclusivity and cosmic Christ Consciousness expansion. It inspires each seeker to: look inward and release themselves from the unconsciousness of The Matrix and the misinformation of New Age Movement and False Ascension Timelines so they can embody their heart based self-empowered higher and eventual 12 d Avatar self, discover their divine purpose and contribute to and hold the space for the Ascending Earth and the evolution and awakening of humanity.



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