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Joann and I (3)

Ariadne Avalon: Trauma Informed Embodiment Facilitator, Resiliency Coach, Quantum Energy Alchemist
Embodied Transformation and Resiliency

A Consciousness Facilitator, Evolutionary Healer and Spiritual Teacher for close to 20 years, Ariadne works on a multi-dimensional, quantum and somatic level.

She assists clients in evolving beyond their limitations and traumatic experiences so they can embody the highest version of themselves. Moving beyond the Control Matrix, Ariadne supports those who work with her to embody single soul occupancy and their potent, sovereign selves.

She is also a two time International Best Selling Author and Boutique Publisher and loves to help spiritual and conscious people craft their story and share their mission with the world.

For healing work you can contact her at 

This is her fourth Virtual Summit. 

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Dr. Elsbeth Meuth: Best Selling Author and Co-Founder of TantraNova Institute, Chicago.
Creating Resiliency by Embodying the Secrets of Lasting Intimacy

Dr. Elsbeth Meuth, Ed.D., has assisted thousands of women to create lasting intimacy and fulfillment in their lives and relationships. She is featured on Showtime’s documentary series Sexual Healing and the Emmy Award-winning NBC show Starting Overbest-selling author of Sexual Enlightenment endorsed by world-renowned Spiritual Pioneer Dr. Michael Beckwith, and the co-founder of TantraNova Institute in Chicago. 
She has coached billionaires, innovators and power couples all over the world, shared their intimacy secrets at a global YPO (Young Presidents Organization) conference in the city of love, Paris, and got nominated as Changemaker at the WhiteHouse sponsored 2016 United State of Women Summit in Washington, D.C.
Elsbeth and her husband are life and business partners residing in Chicago, IL.
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Kathy Basel: Transformational Life Coach, Healer & Speaker
The 7 Shifts to Embody Radical Resiliency

Kathy is a transformational life coach, energy healer and creator ofThe Vitality Code. She works with women ready to break free from the fear and unworthiness keeping them stuck and unable to live fully into their next SOUL*FULL chapter.

She guides her clients to finally transmute core wounds and achieve QUANTUM LEAPS toward the life they truly desire -– lives filled with inner peace, love, vitality, connection, meaning and abundance in every regard. Her joy is watching people create beyond what they ever thought to be possible!

On a personal note... Kathy embodies vitality and living agelessly, with an active Colorado lifestyle mountain biking, hiking, camping, skiing and loving on her amazing wonder-dog Kiefer.


Dr. Juli Kramer: Certified Qigong Instruction and Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Embodying your Body's Innate Power to Heal

Dr. Juli Kramer is a certified qigong instructor. She also holds a diploma in Chinese Medicine Nutritional Therapy and multiple certificates in Chinese medicine. Dr. Kramer is passionate about teaching people the important role exercise and nutrition play in developing a resilient mindset, healthy body, and balanced emotions. Juli also has a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction and Counseling Psychology.

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Gosia Lorenz
Healer, Psychic, Transformational Leader,  Author, Speaker and Change Agent

Gosia Lorenz was born and raised in Poland. At a very early age, she began her interest in holistic health, spirituality, metaphysics, dowsing and personal empowerment. Throughout the years she completed multiple programs, courses, classes, workshops and trainings in a plethora of cutting edge modalities.

Working with her clients through private coaching sessions, Gosia quickly discovers underlying foundational energies that create limiting patterns, self destructive behaviors, negative programs, that she clears, changes, and transforms. She is an expert on the world of entities (spirits, light beings, nature spirits, demons, extraterestrials) and when necessary, clears, and/or communicates with them. Gosia is very intuitive, inquisitive, and insightful in her work, shifting lives of everyone who comes in contact with her.

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Multidimensional Sovereignty Leader, Author of Who's Holding the Microphone
Who's Holding the Microphone: A Journey to Physical, Energetic, Mental and Emotional Sovereignty

Pauline McGuire –Master NLP Practitioner (MNLP), Master Hypnotherapist (MCHt), Master Timeline Therapist (MTLT), Yoga Teacher , Reiki Level II, Akashic Records Reader and Master Meditator.

Following years of her own personal experience trying all the prevailing medical protocols to overcome a series of debilitating chronic illnesses and long-lasting disorders, Pauline dived into exploring the root cause and searched for healing that would work for her.

Not only did she completely and totally recover, she now lives an exciting, joyful and adventurous life in Mexico working with clients from around the world freeing them in their body and being from the binds that keep them small, trapped and suffering.

Using her own proprietary modalities Pauline frees people to live their best life in joy and happiness – where their experience of life is their most joyful possible expression…


Joann Stewart – Evolutionary Astrologer,
Ascension Guide, Hypnotherapist
Evolutionary Astrology and Embodied Cosmic Consciousness

Joann is an astrologer, ascension guide, and hypnotherapist.  She focuses on evolutionary astrology and the natural, organic path of ascension through spiritual awakening, polarity integration, consciousness expansion, divine union, and the reclamation of our power as god-source beings.  She combines astrology with her understanding of ascension, the unified quantum field, conscious co-creation, and graduation from the 3D matrix.
She offers individual sessions, birth charts, ascension blueprints, interpretation of templates, activations, and soul agreements, sessions to access the subconscious mind, divine unions, twin flames, karmic and alchemical relationships, unconscious manifestation vs. conscious co-creation, unplugging from 3D matrix, and the evolutionary journey of freedom, transformation, unity consciousness, and self-mastery.

'IoLani Grace: Heart Alchemist:
Facilitator of Magical Healing, Transformation and Joy

‘IoLani Grace, the Heart Alchemist, celebrates the human heart, body, mind, Spirit and Soul offering nourishment, awakening and magical pathways for humanity to love deeper and set themselves free. As an Inspired International Shamanic Healer, International Best Selling Author, Rebirther, Ordained Interfaith Minister and Teacher, she creates profoundly loving safe sacred spaces for healing and transformation.

Since 1990, 'IoLani has created and facilitates a variety of private, couples and group healing sessions, workshops, ceremonies, retreats and intensive journeys. Some include various Retreats, Trance Dance & Breath Journeys, Shamanic Journey Yoga, Hawaiian Shamanic Breath & Healing Movement, Care Connection & Communication, Rite of Passage Bodywork,Lomilomi Hāloa Trainings, Fulfill Your Soul Purpose Journeys, Life Shift Healing & Coaching, in person, phone and virtually.

'IoLani Grace's Soul's gift to Life is Sacred Rites of Passage, you begin reaching out and arrive in the Freer Fuller You. She stands as a protector of Life and a bridge of cultures, connecting Ancient Wisdom to all people- supporting the new dreaming as One. 'IoLani Grace is blessed and encouraged by her Teachers and Indigenous Elders throughout
Hawai'i, North America and Australia to carry her torch into the world. She dedicates her life to the empowerment and freedom of our global tribe.

Max Riggs is an Energetic Awareness Explorer
and Empowerment Coach
Recognizing and Removing Energetic Resistance

Max is an energetic awareness explorer and empowerment coach, working with highly aware and energetically sensitive people. His unique perspective brings understanding to the underlying “whys” in his client’s issues and quickly removes self-critical thoughts, limitations and blocks even in areas where previous modalities have failed. His powerful work creates a safe, supportive space and is delivered with deep caring, kindness, and compassion.


De'Necia Hilton: Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Holistic Well-Being Consultant
Powering Up Your Resiliency By Realizing Your Perfect Authentic Self (and Using Your Whole Body to Do So)

De’Nicea Hilton Harper, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Holistic Well-Being Consultant, invites men and women on adventures of curated playful experiences designed to activate a relationship with the Whole Body Self becoming aware of the Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical messages that offer wisdom and insight guiding them to there Perfect Authentic Self. Different adventures, like the Re-Creation Center and the Academy, bring them closer to realizing that they are Whole and Complete: the root meaning of Perfect.

It’s through these playful experiences that they fully immerses into Practice BEING Perfect (vs. practice makes perfect.) The ripple effects can be seen in improved relationships with their Self and others, as well as Holistic Health. She’s also the founder of the My Soul Says Collection.

Hannelie Venucia April 2023

Hannelie Venucia is a Joy Generator, Senseshifter, Liminal Guide, Possibility and Alignment Companion, Intuitive Creatrix, Visionary, Inventor and Embodied Philosopher, Sensemaker, and Change Facilitator
Live in Ease - Embody Your Awareness

Her sacred gift is her ability to create spaces for wisdom to unfold; to perceive and sense our potential, future self, and unfolding next steps; how to guide us through possibility and quantum thinking, creative and embodied experiences to perceive, experience, and senseshift into this self, and how to integrate and embody this self. As a liminal guide she takes us on quests to expand our perception, integrate and embody this new awareness, improve our awareness literacy, and to discover the next level of being, organizing ourselves, perceiving, and learning.

Hannelie's passion to discover the next level of being the total human, led her to study amongst others, human and organizational potential, integral psychology, spiral dynamics, various embodiment practices, movement, and creative modalities, and conscious evolution. She is a published author and seasoned public speaker and podcaster.

Sarah Chave (2)

Sarah Chave: International Ambassador for the People's Health Alliance, Podcaster, Energy Healer
Creating A New Earth

Sarah was in her 20s when her life took a dramatic turn: she traumatically lost her fiancée and baby. She felt such deep and profound grief that she began withdrawing from life. The coping mechanisms that had served her until this point in her life failed completely, and for a while she was completely lost. 

Sarah ultimately picked herself up and pointed herself in the direction of learning new things that could potentially help. Her journey, painful as it was, led her to where she is today.  

Sarah is an energy worker and healer who over the past few years has felt called to be part of the birthing of "the New Earth." To that end, she and her family are currently in the process of going off the grid, exploring new (and also very old) ways of being, and cultivating right relationship to nature, the environment, and to spirit.  

On a very practical level, Sarah is learning how to set herself up sustainably on her own land. But on a deeper level, she is supporting others who are doing the same, and cultivating a community where everybody is connected, growing, and nourishing one another. Sarah was honoured with the role of Wellness Ambassador for Expressions of Humanity at the Global Wellness Summit 2022 , is the host of New Earth Podcast and is an International Ambassador for the People's Health Alliance.


Gigi is a warm, deeply grounded, poetic speaker, coach, writer, yoga teacher and certified Self Talk for Success Trainer
Change Your Life by Changing Your Self Talk

Gigi is a warm, deeply grounded, poetic speaker, coach, writer, yoga teacher and certified Self Talk for Success Trainer. She also has over a decade of experience in bringing her teachings off the stage and into more intimate environments such as workshops and breakout sessions. She creates tailored curriculum and facilitates these workshops to create sustainable change in organizations, companies and wellness studios. She is also a published best selling co author and former huffington post contributor whose deepest passion is for all individuals to be rooted in their highest truth while simultaneously being able to see the highest truth in others. She believes this is where we can transcend judgements, feelings of unworthiness and separation.


Honey Larochelle: Vocalist, Songwriter,
Artist & Creativity Coach.

Honey Larochelle aka “The Badass Background Singer” has toured the entire world with legendary artists we all know and love, including Roberta Flack, Macy Gray, Joss Stone, Lorde and many others. She spent years touring as the lead singer of the “acid jazz” cult classic, The Brand New Heavies 

Beyond her extensive career in background singing, Honey has released four albums of her own as well as having co-written, vocal produced, and been featured on countless other artists recordings including Donny Osmond, and Grammy award winners, A Great Big World.  

She’s a lead member of ‘The Fungineers‘ a psychedelic hip hop puppet music group who do a “kids show for adults” at tons of festivals including EDC, LIB, Shambhala, Symbiosis and most recently the world’s newest wonder, Meow Wolf

Honey founded Art&Heart’s Sacred Artistry Club, an intimate group coaching program dedicated to helping artists, creatives and heart based entrepreneurs find their “true north” by using the ancient arts of Reiki, and the four Pillars of Sacred Artistry. In Sacred Artistry Club artists enhance their leadership, mindset and strategies while working together to ensure each individual's success.  Her voice is a healing instrument. 

 All in all, Honey Larochelle is a loving, trusting, vulnerable woman, committed to making a lasting impact on herself, her peers, her clients, her fans and the world. 


Diana Jean Reyes: Regenerative Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Shamanic Practitioner
Tuning Into and Embodying the Ways of Nature

Diana Jean Reyes is Founder of the Aliveness Space. She has delivered workshops and talks in her inimitable, enthusiastic style in 6 continents. She combines ancient wisdom with modern-day tools and practices to help people feel empowered, fulfilled and in flow.

She is an advocate for a way of living and leading based on Nature’s principles to positively impact the world. She combines ancient wisdom with modern-day tools and practices to help people feel empowered, fulfilled and in flow. 


Jaden Fox – Epic Agent of Change, Consciousness Accelerator
Ending Empath Overwhelm - Being Strong & Embodied

Jaden Fox is one of those fearless explorers who enjoys going where others dare not look. He's learned that our power and magic are being deliberately hidden from us by energies that are afraid of human's awakening and becoming conscious, and aims to change it.

His play is in empowering people to find themselves by clearing the illusions, distortions and limitation this reality has imposed while fostering expansive awareness of the true infinite magnitude of our authentic Being and Body. He's continually uncovering new ways to reconnect people to their power and magic so they can be the change they came here to be.

Jaden is an international presenter and facilitator of tools for awakening consciousness. He uses his wit, humor and authentic expression to awaken and inspire other way-showers to untangle limitation and connect to their inner clarity so they can step into what they came here to Be and do, NOW. He reconnects people to their Bodies, their potency and their playful magic while taking audiences beyond this matrix illusion and into their true magnitude beyond this universe!

Anyone ready to shed old patterns and viewpoints can be assured of going to expansive, fun and exciting places they have only imagined were possible.


Daniella Princi: Psychologist, Coach, Energy Consciousness Worker, and Heart Activator
The Psychology of Consciousness

Daniella’s journey into the energetics has been profound and immense over the years.

She began with a degree in psychology, and through her journey, her approach and modality of working with individuals has evolved dramatically.

She now works holistically as a psychologist and mentor in consciousness and energetics, honouring her intuition and spiritual connection; guiding people to learn the skills they need to heal themselves.

Her passion is supporting you in gaining a greater inner-standing of yourself and the world around you; and to finally remember the magnificence of all that you are, and all that you hold within you….… To remember that there is nothing more for you to seek outside of yourself; instead to remember, reconnect with and find it- all within. What you seek is already within you.

It is in the remembering that we become who we are meant to be.

Darren Hey

Darren Hey: Health Educator & Natural Lifestyle Consultant
Natural Law, Natural Healing, Community
and Permaculture

From Western Australia, Darren’s passion has always been regeneration through the understanding of Life principles observed from Nature. Darren turned to the philosophies and practices of Nature Cure, Natural Hygiene and BioGenics after a severe motorcycle accident left him having to learn how to walk again. While learning and applying these practices for the past 20 years under the mentorship of Dr. John Fielder of the Academy of Natural Living, Darren assisted others to do the same.

His personal motto became ‘Transformation through Regeneration’ with principles that Darren realized are congruent for both the land and body, and through body, the mind as well. Realising that the highest quality nutrition only comes from well nourished land Darren turned to understanding the design of systems that could achieve a restoration of Nature back to permanent productive abundance with the aesthetic beauty that commercial industrial systems were only destroying. Darren completed his Permaculture Design Certificate under Geoff Lawton at Zaytuna Farm in 2016, shortly followed by Earthworks and Water Harvesting training. He served as farm manager at Zaytuna Farm, Permaculture Research Institute in 2018 to January 2022.  He is is a Permaculture Research Institute accredited teacher, and also holds a position within Permaculture Sustainable Consulting Pty Ltd (Geoff Lawton’s consultation arm) assisting others to achieve their dream of off grid or sustainable and regenerative living.

Currently living off grid, Darren believes that in order to really change the world and usher in a new paradigm of living on Earth, you actually have to live it yourself. Not only does Darren practice a high-raw to 100% raw plant based diet from food grown off the land, he is also actively involved in his own awareness training through the application of technologies of consciousness. Whether through yoga, meditation, breath-work and others, Darren understands that if you can connect with the intelligent life-force energy within by any means, you will have a tool (and living friend) that will surely advance you not only in wisdom, but in freedom, truth and love.

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Brenda St. Louis: Financial Therapist and Certified Money Coach
Rewire Your Wealth for Resilient and Abundant Living

Brenda St. Louis is an Accredited Financial Counselor, Trauma of Money Facilitator, Certified Financial Planner Candidate

She is passionate about helping people nurture healthier  relationships with money. It’s what she’s been doing successfully for over fifteen years. Brenda recognizes that money touches all aspects of our lives. By marrying esoteric ideas of money with sound financial principles, her Financial and Emotional Literacy programs help individuals and couples experience Peace, Joy, and Confidence with their finances in a way they’ve never experienced before.

Money is an inside job - something financial institutions fail to address. Rewiring your consciousness with wealth is the first step toward improving your bottom line.


Joe Petrowski: Energy Healer
You Have the Power

Joe sees, hears and feel people’s energy. He uses Profound Power Techniques were he quickly and often permanently eliminates pain, illness, allergies, migraines and more even when nothing else has worked in the past.

These techniques have been honed over the years through a study of ancient healing arts and modern science. He works with people across the globe. Energy is equally impacted whether a person is right next to him or on the other side of the world. He believes humans are Magnificent Beings and it is his passion to bring happiness and health to all those that work with him.

In 1999 he was sent home to die from a severe illness. Energy Healing saved his life and it can save yours too. He has honed his Profound Power Techniques for over 17 years to bring massive healing and breakthroughs for his clients


Norie Huddle: Best Selling Author, Peacemaker, Public Speaker, Coach and Workshop Presenter
How to Play the Game that Builds Maximum Resilience

Norie Huddle has written seven published books, translated into several major languages, on environmental issues and on transforming humanity.

Growing up in the US, Norie has lived, studied or worked in Italy (1961-62 as an AFS exchange student), Colombia, SA (1966-68 as a Peace Corps Volunteer), Japan (1971-75, working with Japan’s environmental movement and writing world's first holistic study of Japan's environmental crisis).

In 1976, Norie celebrated America’s bicentennial by organizing a small group of Americans and Japanese to bicycle across America. She wrote a book on this adventure-research project. She was a leader in the late 1970's antinuclear movement and spent much of the 1980s doing citizen diplomacy in the former USSR.

Norie wrote her 1984 NYT bestseller, Surviving: The Best Game on Earth, hailed by Megatrends author, John Naisbitt, as a "breakthrough book."  A Russian major at Brown University, Norie speaks fluent Spanish, Italian, Japanese and good Russian, some German, some French and a little Chinese.

Recognized as a leading peacemaker on a global scale, Norie's 1990 landmark book Butterfly has triggered a rapidly spreading global cultural "meme" of humanity's transformation that has been widely embraced by spiritual leaders like Deepak Chopra and other well-known public figures around the world.

Norie believes strongly that humanity must now come together quickly to build a global civilization that is peaceful, sustainable and benefits everyone. For over 50 years, this conviction has guided her work to use her systems training and spiritual grounding to find and design "root" solutions to pressing global problems. She is an inspiring public speaker, coach and workshop presenter, consults to various organizations and is an ingenious problem-solver. 


Enolia Foti: International Speaker and Author, Global Influencer, Social Entrepreneur, Life/Business Coach, Author, and Global Ambassador for Peace
Compassionate Leadership and Empowerment

Enolia is also the Founder of ENOLIA, LLC., and CEO of Expressions of Humanity Foundation, which provides emergency humanitarian aid, promotes global activism and provides life skill training to underserved communities. She leverages education as well as media and technology to build a global exchange of accessible knowledge, culture, and essentials.

Enolia is an award-winning. A natural orator, ENOLIA harmonizes corporate experience with a broad knowledge base that includes many traditions from around the world.  To motivate and inspire others to reach their goals, she shares the ancient wisdom she gained under the tutelage of Indigenous elders from the Ojibwa, Lakota, Yaqui, Hopi, Apache Nation of North America, Mapuche of Chile, Mayan and Toltec of Mexico, Waitaha of New Zealand, Amazonian of Brazil, and Luhya of Kenya. She is also an initiate of the Ovimbundu of Angola and the Q’eros of Peru as a keeper of their cosmological traditions. She imparts her gifts to inspire and empower the soul by sharing her cumulative knowledge of ancient practices and teachings up through the present day.  Enolia walks her path as a teacher, counsel, and healer from the lessons of these elders. Enolia is a Modern-Day Medicine Woman.

Shioban Wilcox

Shioban Wilcox: Home Harmonizer, Intuitive,
Soul Whisperer, Entity Facilitator
Is Your Home Helping or Harming Your Embodied Resiliency

Siobhán Wilcox comes from a linage of psychics and could heal with her hands from the age of 6.   Working with clients and properties around the world she is a modern day Ghost Buster, saving those that are under attack from unseen forces. Clearing and bringing healing to her relieved and astonished clients.  

Siobhán’s she is often the last glimmer of hope for her desperate clients that have exhausted all traditional options before they arrive at her door. 

Siobhan has been healing land and environments for over 25 years. As a child she was terrified each night going to bed as spirits would touch her and hold her down in the bed. 

Later in her mid twenties she burnt out from executive stress. As she discovered how to heal herself, Siobhan realised that a large part of this illness was caused by environmental issues of geopathic & electromagnetic stress.

These awarenesses, alongside her childhood experiences, launched her into a deep exploration of study on how to restore real harmony to properites for their owners health & sanity.

brenda Lainoff

Brenda Lainof
Intuitive Coach Health & Business
Healing with Energetic Med Beds and Light Language

Brenda Lainof is an intuitive guide and assists in clearing negative emotions and chronic health conditions, emotional and mental self- sabotage.

Once she intuits what is creating unease in your body, Brenda energetically works with you to dissolve that unease, dis-ease and low frequency vibration.

Brenda work with numerous modalities and uses the most appropriate modality that it is needed at the moment. Every client is different and she taps into you as to what you are READY FOR!

The Law of Structure for this Creation

This content is presented with the intention of Unity, Freedom, Compassion and the Sovereign Right for All beings. Purity of heart and listening to your inner Higher Self Soul Intelligence and Infinite God Spirit is All there Is.

This unity service mission is founded on inclusivity and cosmic Christ Consciousness expansion. It inspires each seeker to: look inward and release themselves from the unconsciousness of The Matrix and the misinformation of New Age Movement and False Ascension Timelines so they can embody their heart based self-empowered higher and eventual 12 d Avatar self, discover their divine purpose and contribute to and hold the space for the Ascending Earth and the evolution and awakening of humanity.



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